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The Coming Election-a revisit of commentaries in 2008
Who’s Election
In 2008, a Double Whammy
After 2008 Election comments
Free Markets and a review of Federalist no. 62

 The Coming Election, 2012

It is Important to Revisit My Comments from 2008

By Ivan W. Parkins


"Tens of millions of Americans were recently treated to a sample of how a monitor (Candy Crowley)  from our old "Mainstream" media managed the 2nd. debate between the two major nominees for our nation's Presidency.  This page is devoted to some other political matters that our media in the past have not presented clearly to most American voters."

                 WHO’S WORD? ---


An updated version of my 2008 commentary

By Ivan W. Parkins


     How do Democrats imply that Republicans are mainly responsible for both government deficits and the state of our economy? Answer: A pro-Democrat information system does not make clear the facts, available in any public library, that, for the past fifty years, Democrats have dominated most Congresses, even under Republican Presidents.


     How do you tag American conservatives with the “racist” label? Answer: They keep secret (almost) the fact that liberal environmentalists, with their ban of DDT, contributed to the malaria deaths of millions of black babies—perhaps the greatest racial genocide in history.


     How do Democrats maintain that the Youth Rebellion of the ‘60s and ‘70s was humane and progressive? Answer: They don’t do the math; population of the youth group times the increase in violent deaths among them, domestically, exceeded our combat deaths overseas in those decades.




By Ivan W. Parkins


The following are brief adaptations from columns that I did in the local BUYER’S GUIDE during 1980.


     A simplified, money, value system and free market exchange are much of what makes capitalism function.


     How is it that hundreds of millions of people can each contribute his own kind of work and each receive numerous products of his own choosing?  The substitution of  more complex, word based, value systems, i.e. regulations, greatly complicates and almost invariably delays, exchanges.


     Authors of THE FEDERALIST (no. 62), more than two centuries ago were well aware of the danger:

      Every new regulation concerning commerce or revenue, or in any manner affecting the value of the different species of property, presents a new harvest for those who watch the change, and can trace its consequences; a harvest, reared not by themselves, but by the toils and cares of the great body of their fellow-citizens.


     According to an article in FORTUNE, 8/14/78, Congress tried to prove that point.  In that earlier oil crisis it enacted a subsidy to help small refiners.  The subsidy was so generous that new small refineries were created, not to refine oil (they were too inefficient) but to profit from the subsidy.  Does that sound like ethanol to you?


     If that is not convincing, consider the effects upon poor Africans and some others of our banning DDT.  Malaria, a major plague to humans throughout history, had been declining rapidly.  With the ban, malaria returned in millions of cases and an estimated million deaths per year.  No doubt DDT had been over-used, but that gross regulation will likely be recorded as one of the largest and most lethal “crimes” of our age. 


Note:  "The “Jacksonian” case, Andrew Jackson’s displacement of the Cherokee Indians from Western North Carolina to Oklahoma, known as the “Trail of Tears”, is now being made widely known through popular media and schools.  However, the effects of the DDT ban on African malaria deaths is not getting equal notice."


      Regulation should be undertaken

only with great caution. (Revised and updated 101912 I.W. Parkins)

(A revisit to my thoughts after the election in 2008)  



Intellectuals are keys to the troubles

By Ivan W. Parkins


     First: I have long thought that a President who was black could help unite the nation.


Second: I cannot be happy with President-elect Obama, because the political exposure and performance that he has demonstrated are mostly opposite to what I believe is needed.


     Our economy is in trouble, and because it is so large a part of the World’s economy, the World is in economic trouble. People, I think, who are much like Obama—no, not blacks—dynamic, well schooled, ambitious, and socially conscious intellectuals are keys to that trouble.


     The critical division in America, and perhaps in the Western World, is more an intellectual division than one of either race or wealth.  That is not to deny that divisions of the latter types exist.  But, the fundamental problem is how we regard capitalism.  And, having once been mainly a critic of capitalism, I am now mainly a supporter of it.


     Unfortunately, too many people on both sides of this division have permitted the issue to become one of quasi-religious orthodoxy.  Some favor almost no government regulation, while others strive to apply regulation of capitalistic markets to accomplish ill-considered, but emotionally attractive, goals.


     The clash has become central to our politics largely because of the huge growth and extension of our education and information systems.  Whereas those were once largely subordinates to, if not supporters of, capitalism; they have now become self-consciously independent and aggressive in trying to displace the industrial/financial sector as the primary political force in American society.


     That would be less of a problem if our system of government had a greater capacity for identifying and serving a majority of Americans, and were less responsive to the demands of particularly well-organized and aggressive minorities.


     In short, I think that the present economic crisis is equally a political crisis.  If I am wrong about President-elect Obama, and he proves capable of moving us towards solutions to both, he could rank with Washington and Lincoln as architects of America. (I bring special attention to this comment as it rings true today)

This article was written prior to the 2008 Election, a revisit of my comments are relevant  

IN 2008,


By Ivan W. Parkins


     Race appears to me as an especially perverted issue in this year’s election.  Mostly, I believe that it obscures real issues of Barack Obama’s talents and experience.


      One of my earliest impressions of Obama was that in appearance and poise he resembled a black president of student-body when I was first in the University of Chicago, just after WWII.  A second impression was that he seemed to have charms similar to those of Jock.  Jock was very African, and very black.  He was a pre-med student sponsored by my M.D. brother-in-law and was present for several gatherings of our very white family.  So far as I can recall, all members of our family found him to be both interesting and intelligent company.


     My point with such personal things is to try and establish why I reject, totally and with some malice, the frequent implications of “liberals” that simple racial prejudice plays a major part in the views of conservatives.  I sacrificed two of my first three teaching positions, partially at least, because some of my “superiors” found me to be too liberal in matters of race.  In the third instance (1957), my two-year contract in a southern university was not renewed, for reasons that the dean refused to discuss.


     Much of the “liberal” response to Civil Rights Laws in the 1960s was, I believe, selfish and malicious.  Younger colleagues especially were inclined to seek credits for rising above the bigots.  Mostly, they tried to blame earlier practices on a very broad

range of  conservatives.  This nation’s efforts to achieve real social adjustments and unity were confused, if not thwarted, by the selfish and vindictive attitudes of people, many of  whom had experienced little of the real problems.


     I contend that the ‘60s and ‘70s attitudes have been hugely destructive in their effects.  They contributed to an increase of domestic violence, especially among young blacks, that exceeded our sacrifices in military efforts abroad.  The ban obtained by environmentalists on DDT, has probably killed more blacks than died in all the colonial and slavery violence of the past three centuries.  For America, and especially blacks, recent liberalism has been a double--whammy!  Liberals made integration and unity more difficult to accept and more difficult for many whites to support. I.W.Parkins 1008