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By Ivan W. Parkins


This article was written in June of 2008. The current events in Benghazi, Obama-Care, Immigration Reform were not a part of the discussion, then.  However, much of what I thought about this President has proven out over the last 5 years.  His demonstrable lack of responsibility in effective leadership decisions, his support by a sycophant media, lack of critical assessment by his supporters, has deflected scrutiny of his initiatives and led the country down a path which may not be recoverable. This article was a foreshadow of events to come.


      What we are witnessing, and many Americans find confusing, is a major stage of revolution in America.  Whether this is to further, perhaps to cement, revolutionary change or to fade into something more compromising and consistent with our past, is yet to be determined.

     President Obama has developed for himself a remarkably attractive personality and manner.  But, on “the greatest” political stage he often seems to follow a script that has been written elsewhere, and one that is both disturbing and dangerous to America.  Certainly there were evidences of this before his election.  But far too many of those whose job it is to reveal such matters to the public share with Obama most of his disturbing and dangerous political attitudes.

     To take just the policy issue most salient at the moment, health care is deserving of prime consideration.  But, the nationalization of an increasing portion of health finance appears to be counter-indicated by most of the evidence at home and abroad.  Our existing government programs are already operating “on borrowed time” by most financial indications.  Other advanced nations, with greater health care roles, are having severe and increasing difficulties.  Nothing that this new Administration has reported so far suggests that it has really incorporated new or especially constructive research into its proposals.

     On the contrary, what is probably the most wasteful, and dangerous, aspect of our health care, is also a major source of campaign revenue for Democrats who now press for health care reform.  (I was drafting this as President Obama was addressing the American Medical Association.  If he does act vigorously in this matter, I will need to apologize.)  Excessive, and too often corrupt, tort proceedings utilize the complex variations in how individuals respond to medications and treatments. That, plus the limited comprehension of medical science and the often sympathetic reactions of jurors to individuals who are ailing, enables trial lawyers to extract vast “booty” from the health care industry.

     First, among those who profit from the above practice, are the trial lawyers; they are followed by various coconspirators.  Among the latter are dishonest medical practitioners and other witnesses.  Not least among beneficiaries have been the judges and politicians who maintain or make the rulings and laws that facilitate such practices.  The few huge damage awards that are widely publicized are only the tip of the iceberg.  Many more, and often not small, cases are settled out of court.  Physicians and others of the medical professions pay high insurance premiums to protect themselves.  They also proscribe expensive tests, often mainly for their own protection.  And defense attorneys seldom work for free.

     Worthy of emphasis in all of this is the fact that both gross bribery, and the more widely accepted practice of politicians allowing their legal rulings and legislation to be tipped by the campaign contributions they receive, are both essential to its continuation at any but a tiny fraction of the level now prevailing.

      When this Democrat Administration can act decisively to remedy such health care related tort abuses, perhaps it will be able to deal with such practices in other parts of our economy.  That would weaken substantially my charge that what we are really facing is not mere reform, but revolution. I.W. Parkins 061908

The Cost of Unlawful (Illegal) Immigration

This is a brief analysis by the Heritage Foundation on this important national issue.

There are twenty immigration reports prepared by the Heritage Foundation.  These reports are sourced data from the U.S. Census Bureau which are based upon consistent information collection methodology.  “The methodology was developed by the study’s lead researcher and author Robert Rector, one of the nation’s foremost experts on welfare reform. Rector’s methodology uses an approach developed by the National Academy of Sciences and is an update of his research on the same subject from 2007.”(Heritage Statement)

“The United States was established on principles that support the welcoming of new residents to our shores to learn and embrace American civic culture and political institutions through the processes of immigration and naturalization. Over the past several decades, however, immigration policy has become skewed, falsely presented as an uncompromising decision between unfettered immigration and none at all.” 

(The Heritage Foundation)

Each year, families and individuals pay taxes to the government and receive back a wide variety of services and benefits. A fiscal deficit occurs when the benefits and services received by one group exceed the taxes paid. When such a deficit occurs, other groups must pay for the services and benefits of the group in deficit. Each year, therefore, government is involved in a large-scale economic transfer of resources between different social groups.

Fiscal distribution analysis measures the distribution of total government benefits and taxes in society. It provides an assessment of the magnitude of government transfers between groups.

This Heritage analysis provides a fiscal distribution analysis of households headed by unlawful immigrants: individuals who reside in the U.S. in violation of federal law. Additionally, this study measures the total government benefits and services received by unlawful immigrant households and the total taxes paid. The difference between benefits received and taxes paid represents the total resources transferred by government on behalf of unlawful immigrants from the rest of society.

The following charts are just a sample of the work completed in this most recent report.