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Volume 7, Issue 10

September 9, 2014

The Best of I.W. Parkins

           This is a new series of articles which are based upon the most popular writings of I.W. Parkins.  Over the next several issues of APC, more examples will be submitted here. 

           This edition focuses on Mitt Romney and the recent high polling that he has received for another potential presidential run in 2016.   Although Mr. Romney has denied any organized run in 2016.  Time will tell.  Many people have experienced “Buyer’s Remorse” with the current president and now have viewed Romney in a more realistic light rather than through the Democrat media prism.  The following articles were written prior to Mr. Romney’s run in 2012. Editor 


A review and comment on Mitt Romney’s book

By Ivan W. Parkins

           On the second page of  Mitt Romney’s book, NO APOLOGY, he pays his respects to Servan-Schreiber’s THE AMERICAN CHALLENGE, 1967, a best-seller of its time.  The thesis of that book was that Europeans needed to worry less about their fears of invasion by American capital, which was not huge, and more about keeping pace with American management and technological advances.  That did give much of Europe a perceptible boost out of its lethargy and self-hate.

           Now, Romney is suggesting that the United States needs some similar changes of attitude itself.  And, instead we do seem to be moving towards Europe’s policies, even as the Europeans are trying to modify or abandon them.  Romney states as the pillars of his own political agenda are: a strong economy; a strong military; and a strong and free people.  I favored Romney for President in 2008 and, if I survive to a little past 90, I hope to vote for him again.

           For an autobiographical/political document, Romney’s book is unusually readable and substantive.  His range of acquaintances important to our foreign and military policies is broader than I had previously realized.  More impressive is the extent that he has attempted to acquaint himself with at least a few of the ultimate recipients, for better or for worse, of the policies that he, especially when Governor, has helped to institute.

           Romney offers several reasons why the health care legislation in which he participated as Governor of Massachusetts was a less extreme venture than the one now pending for the United States.  He is familiar with the related problems.  I found more surprising, the extent to which he is familiar also with the many problems of our education establishment, including some alternatives to the unionized and intellectually stultifying system that now prevails. Originally published April 5, 2010-Ed.



This is a republish  from 2012-Ed.

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By Ivan W. Parkins


             The first thing that many Americans are likely to recall about Mitt Romney is that, as Governor of Massachusetts, he helped to design a quite comprehensive health care program for that state.  Perhaps more of us should note that it occurred a few years before our present economic crisis became so obvious. Also the MA plan was to apply to only about 2% of Americans, and to a 2% who averaged more education, more income, less ethnic diversity, and less unemployment than was found in most other states. Also, MA had only about ¼ the percentage uninsured for health care that the nation averages.  Even if the outcome there were more promising than it now appears to be, it would likely be a poor choice for the nation.

           Actually, we do need a better designed health care system.  We also need a President who can say of many and varied important public matters, “been there, tried that.”

           Regarding jobs, Mitt Romney has served as a lay minister counseling persons laid-off due to new technologies and relocations of plants and offices.  He has also been one of the owners and managers who had to decide when businesses needed, for competitive reasons, to change technologies or locations.  And he, as Governor, secured in MA a $2000 subsidy to employers who retrained a person that had been unemployed for a year.

           From my perspective of teaching in five different colleges and universities, and in four different states;  and with some regard for things shared with my late wife whose experiences were even more diverse and almost as long as mine; I was especially impressed by one remark in Romney’s book,  NO APOLOGY.  It is as follows:

           “I simply cannot believe that the teachers unions and the Democratic Party can successfully persist in opposing the very fundamentals that have propelled America’s leadership in every other dimension of our economy—competition, innovation, and higher rewards for better performance.”

           Mitt Romney makes the case of no apology for America quite thoroughly, including his obvious study here and abroad of business and military competition.  Until someone more clearly focused and broadly qualified appears, I hope to see him as the chief steward of America’s greatness.


A brief analysis

By Ivan W. Parkins

Reprint from 2012

Newt Gingrich has considerable talent; his main problem is an ego that is larger.  Both his marriages and his brief Speakership attest to that.  And the Speakership, though notable for ending an unprecedented 40-year Democrat rule in the House of Representatives, ended in censure by many of those who had just supported him.


Mitt Romney, as Chief Executive of a state with a record of being unbendingly Democrat, managed to function constructively. Let’s hope that we can make him President and provide him with a mostly Republican Congress.


We in the United states have the world's largest, most diverse, and most technologically advanced economy.  If we allow it, it should do well for us.  If we assign persons of no real business experience to manage it in more and in greater detail, it is unlikely to accomplish what we want.

Mitt Romney– 2016?

New ABC/Washington Post Poll

 Obama Hits a New Low for Leadership,

With Criticism on ISIS & Immigration Alike

 “With the president set to address the nation on the issue Wednesday, concern is at a peak. A vast 91 percent in this poll, produced for ABC by Langer Research Associates, see the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria as a serious threat to U.S. vital interests.” copyright by Langer Research Associates, Analysis by Gary Langer.  Link to Poll